A letter to my educator during my formative years

There are times when I look back into the past and feel that there are so many things that would have been done better. Granted, I was not the student that anyone would want to educate nor nurture due to the frequency that I have missed school. I guess, to be perceived as someone who refuses to attend school due to the lack of discipline on their part was never desirable.

Back then, deep inside me, I wished that you have reached out to me by trying to understand why I refuse to attend school in the first place instead of secretly resenting me for dragging the class down. I skipped school because I was constantly being teased at by my peers and classmates alike, and to be ostracized by you, my educator, was one of the most defining moments in my life because I always had the notion that educators are care providers; here to provide us with empathy and care instead of mere apathy.

As a young adolescent, I was unable to grasp the importance of education; I avoided going to school because of the troubles that perpetuate me whenever I attend school. You punished me by demanding me to stand outside the classroom; pretending that I do not exist whenever I fail to turn up my homework or when I do badly in my tests but you failed to understand the very fact that I was unable to do so was because I was never in school and my knowledge was limited to the days which I actually attended school and educated.

Do I blame you for what has happened? Absolutely not, however, I implore you to be more empathetic towards problematic students from hereon because there is always an underlying reason why these students behave in a manner that often, is undesirable, at least, to the rose-tinted glasses I reckon you don on a daily basis.

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