Finding meaning in National Service

Here we go again.

I am not interested in knowing NSFs, the Executive Assistant who never had to serve National Service rebuked when the conscripted soldier uttered that he is unfamiliar with her.

Do not speak back to your officer, just listen and do what I say (sic), the Executive Assistant berated the soldier who never once had a choice but to be drafted into the military upon realising her fallacy which was uncovered by the soldier.

You would think that people would treat NSFs better in the sense that as NSFs, we sacrifice two years of precious time to serve the nation, albeit some of us, if not most of us, unwillingly — all in the name of national security, yet we still have to tolerate such ridiculousness every single day, and it’s especially demeaning to hear such statements from someone who never had to have their freedom taken against their will before.

I once firmly held the notion that I would go above and beyond no matter what I am tasked to do in National Service, only to have that notion beaten out of my mind entirely after undergoing such asininity on a daily basis — I came to a conclusion that it’s not worth doing my best after months of questioning myself; if I am serving the nation or am I serving my superiors just so that they would have greater performance bonuses.

I simply cannot fathom why NSFs are treated so poorly and there are times that I can’t help but to question my self-worth, are we not equals when we are conscripted?

I am still unable to find meaning in NS, have you?

Welcome to National Service and ..welcome to the Suck?

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