Having different beliefs

As someone who is agnostic, it really gets on my nerves whenever someone tries to enforce their beliefs on me. My dad, a devoted Buddhist, has always respected on my beliefs and has never tried to convince me otherwise.

On the other hand, I have people from all sort of different socioeconomic backgrounds try to sway my beliefs into theirs. Just the other day, I have had a conversation with one of my relatives pertaining to religion in general. In case you are wondering, I did not bring that up in the first place. He mentioned the virtues of my dad and how great he is as a person as a whole and he attributed that to my dad’s devotion to his religion and that I must be a Buddhist as well since my dad is one. I bluntly told him that I do not have any beliefs in any religion and he was enraged, because apparently, I did not share the same traditional mindset like he does.

From my perspective, I strongly feel that most, if not all of the older generation is raised not to question, not to ask and not to challenge the status quo. They are brought up to conform and accept their fates in life, oftentimes thinking that there’s nothing they could do to improve their lives or never questioning why certain things are accomplished a certain matter.

My point is, he was appalled by the fact that I did not follow my dad’s footstep to be a Buddhist, just like how he and many other sheepishly followed their parents’ religion without questioning why. Apparently, what I have said completely made him perceive that I am an arrogant arrogant individual who does not know what’s right for him.

I vehemently feel that religion should be a conscious choice made by an individual and not dictated based on how you are brought up, because by doing so, one could actually determine where to align their faith in.

Also, I strongly believe that one’s nature should not be determined by one’s religion.

In my opinion, our nature is determined by how we were raised, how we were treated by our peers, family and friends, how we interact with people, and how we perceive the world. I acknowledge that the fact that religion has in fact made many people to be good willed, however, I find it a hypocrisy if one’s actually doing good just so that he’ll able to go to heaven in his afterlife or be reciprocated eventually.

Good will comes without any expectations of reciprocation.

Having different beliefs does not make anyone lesser and most certainly does not dictate one’s nature.

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