My service to the nation

Today marks the day where I embark onto another chapter of my life; having fulfilled all of my national service obligation, just like any other Singaporean son.

In comparison with the rest of the boys, my experience serving the nation was pretty unusual. Instead of going to Tekong for my BMT, I went to Kranji Camp for my BMT; instead of preparing to be combat ready, I prepared to be an assistant to the higher management in the forces. And going to Kranji was the most defining moment for me as a soldier because I knew that from thereon out, I would be missing out on the camaraderie amongst soldiers people speak of about whenever they recollect their time in the military as soldiers, and the mental resilience they inevitably acquired after going through thick and thin together.

I had wanted to experience the conventional soldiering experience, yet I was not deemed medically fit to serve the nation at its own traditional capacity. Serving the nation as a medically unfit soldier was almost an indictment of my character because whenever I speak of my roles as a soldier in the military, people would point out that I have it good, and at times, would doubt whether or not I was actually medically unwell to serve the nation; barring from stories which they have had heard about from people who managed to game the system and subsequently undermining the credibility of those who are genuinely medically unwell.

Even though these were the cards that life has dealt to me, I managed to make the most of my time in the military, and it had been an extremely fulfiling experience. I stayed true to the principles in my life by holding myself accountable for the responsibilities which were delegated to me. I firmly held onto the notion that no matter how demeaning the job may be, or how disposable I may be in the military, I will do the utmost despite the suck. It was such a test of my mental resolution and I am glad that I managed to overcome this hurdle. I learnt many life lessons along the way and I honestly hope that I would not have to go through any of them again.

Wew. What a ride.


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