Dealing with our Insecurities

A lot of times, the majority of our insecurities stem from how we are overly conscious about how people think of us and how they react to us. As a result, we became subservient to society expectations of us than to risk being perceived as someone is strange, or even crazy. After all, the nail that stuck out the most gets hammered down, and those that deviate from the norm are often put into their place by those who seek comfort in conformity.

We refrain from stepping out of our comfort zone because we are petrified of the backlash we might receive; we adopt different personalities which consume us on the inside because these persona we take on are absolutely not aligned with our worldview, yet we still don on these masks, albeit resentfully, out of pragmatism because we are all terribly afraid of rocking the boat lest incurring the wrath of others.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t desire to be universally liked by others?

Of course,  I do understand the necessity of why we behave in a certain matter or why we adopt different personalities pertinent to the context, yet on the other hand, the avoidance of being authentic to others or not being congruent with our feelings is inherently hypocritical as we were never staying true to ourselves whenever we refrain from upholding our beliefs in life.

And the truth is, no matter how hard we try to be liked by others, or the lengths we go through to be accepted by others, we will never be able to please every single person in our life, moreso for the people who are indirectly in our life. Poignantly, this an incontrovertible fact of life which we all have to come to acceptance with, eventually.

It is imperative for us to establish boundaries and have the self-respect needed to uphold our values in order to establish genuine relationships with other people. Nobody trusts someone who goes three bags full whenever spoken to; nobody respects someone who could be swayed easily by others because therein lies inauthenticity and shows only insecurity about oneself.

If we truly believe in something, we should own up to it, take our stance, and have conviction in our belief. People might not be able to understand our perspective, but surely do they not respect us whenever we stick to our guns?

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