Seeing the inherent good in people

A few months back, I went on a tirade with one of my peers about how intolerable a person whom I have to interact on a frequent basis can possibly be. Instead of placating me, my peer actually swayed my perspective by stating that his actions are not necessarily mal-intented and he was just inept when it comes to communicating positively.
Frankly speaking, as a skeptic for the most of my life, I was taken aback of how improbable that statement sounded when she first said it, after all, I grew up with the notion on how everyone’s actions are deliberated for their own benefit. However, despite how naive it sounded at that point in time, I find myself unable to dismiss what she has said, and for the longest time, I had a real conundrum which perpetually bothers me when I judge people in a not-so-desirable way.
On a hindsight, could the reason why he behaved in such an undesirable way (from the way I see it) attributed to his poor or the lack thereof communication skills instead?
Could his intentions have positive connotations initially, however, due to his inept interpersonal skills when it comes to social dynamics, he was unable to convey these intentions congruently to end on a positive note?
Am I not guilty of miscommunication as well? Have I not encounter a time where I came off as someone who is rude or even condescending? Have I not conveyed my intentions through my actions poorly before even though my intentions are well-intented?
Is it not a time for introspection and reevaluate how I see others instead of merely judging others based on their behaviour?
Have I found the answer to my moral dilemma? Perhaps not. Call it naivety if you may but I guess trying to see the good in people is not inherently a bad thing, after all, it’s nice to believe that the world is with you, rather than against you.

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