The tenets of self-improvement

Knowledge is ever so vast and what we know at this point in time could possibly be entirely different as we are exposed to a continuum of endless knowledge in which necessitates a paradigm shift in our mindset. That is to say that learning is inherently paradoxical as often, it’s two steps forward, and one step back. We might once believe that we are in the apex in a specific area only to backslide on that notion when we realise that there are so many things out there we have yet to learn.

And who am I to claim that I am particularly good in a niche where there are countless of people whose knowledge is miles ahead of me? At times, I’ve gotten backlash from others for selling myself short but it was never my intention to solicit for validation whenever I am being humble because this is how I genuinely feel about myself. I can’t take compliments from others as my standards for myself are different from the standards of others.

In fact, the reason why I galvanise self-improvement comes from the belief that we all have the unrealised potential to be the creme de la creme of what we do. And the only obstacle along the way is for when our successes are interwoven with external validation from others. It’s only when we are cognizant that we can only be the best version of ourselves is when we seek validation innately will we be able to excel, and be in the upper echelon of society.