We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior

Aren’t we all hypocrites? More frequently or not, we all attribute that the negative things that happen to us as a series of unfortunate circumstances that was not within our control and rationalise ourselves as the victim instead. Yet when others have encountered a similar situation, we tend to have the perception that the situation they’ve created for themselves is mostly due to what they’ve done.

Perhaps, it’s time for us to reevaluate what constitutes as a good intentioned notion rather than judging others solely based on their actions as we might not understand the underlying circumstances that have caused them to act in a certain matter that could otherwise be undesirable or even ill-intentioned in our perspective.

On the other hand, the caveat is if we go into the assumption that every people we interact with have good intents, how do we know if one’s true motive actually lines up with what constitutes as a positive intent? How do we identify malice and good intents apart?

It’s certainly not an easy task, however, we should all try to be empathetic and go into the assumption that the other party is inept in conveying his intentions coherently should we come across a negative intention, shouldn’t we?


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