What I love about travelling alone

“Who are you going with? ”

“Alone. ”

“What. “

Everyone loses their mind whenever they hear that I am traveling alone, be it people whom I have known for a long time to mere acquaintances and I cannot fathom why is there such a negative stigma when it comes to traveling by ourselves. Of course, there are times where I feel lonesome without someone to share my experience with, but sometimes, having time alone is a time to reflect upon ourselves. After all the hustle and bustle we encounter on the daily humdrum of our lives I genuinely find solitude in silence.

To me, solo travel is liberating because as I travel by myself, I am not tied down by any constraints emplaced by other people which represents that I’ll be able to go to places which I like, doing the things I find enjoyable at my pace and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Venturing out of my comfort zone has given me numerous opportunities to meet many people along the way, from all over the world, and from many different walks of life. Ironically, because I identify myself as an introvert yet as I place myself out there when I am traveling alone, I simply exude an outgoing persona because I am aware that I will never meet any of these people again. Notwithstanding the people whom I keep in touch along the way, of course. As such, all the shenanigans I do as an obnoxious tourist has no ever lasting repercussions. Most importantly, traveling alone serves as a catharsis for my introvertness.

As I meet new people along the way, there are times where the generosity of local and foreign people alike astounded me as most people I have met went out of their way to make my experience a much better one.

For instance, for my recent trip to Taiwan, I planned a trip to a suburban area poorly and I had no means to go back to my hostel aside from hitchhiking my way back. However, the stars aligned, and I encountered a bunch of young adults who offered me a ride back to the city after hearing my predicament. At that point in time, it was dusk and I was extremely flustered because I would¬†be¬†screwed as I need a place to sleep. Anyway, they amended their plans for me and brought me back to the city which were 90 minutes away from the location we were at. During the entire journey, our conversation gravitated towards the mutual love of travelling and experiences whilst traveling solo. When we arrived to my accommodation, we were still not yet done talking, hence we decided have dinner together to continue the conversation. After which, I tried to foot the bill out of gratitude but they insisted they ought to do so as they are the host of country, stating that I’ll play host when they come cover in the near future.

And this why I love travelling alone because I never had so many opportunities to meet people from all walks of life, and from all over the world.

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