What it means to be mediocre

Most of us were brought up with the notion that we can be anyone we want to be, anyone we want to inspire to be, we want to be rich, we want to be successful and we want to be respected by other people. Starry-eyed, we try to emulate the success attained by other remarkable people out there, however, the truth is how many of us have what it takes to be successful? Behind every success story, lies countless of failures and that is the unfortunate reality of the world. We all inspire to be an entrepreneur like Jack Ma or an investor like Warren Buffett but amongst all of these inspirational stories, how many stories of failures do we actually remember?
We all want to be successful too but statistically speaking, the probability of us living a mediocre life, having a mediocre job is simply a matter of fact. For we are the median of what we do.
Then again, what is wrong with mediocrity?
What is wrong with living a life where we do not overreach beyond our means?
What’s wrong with having a stable income and having a shelter under our heads?
What’s wrong with being contented with what we have?
What’s wrong with settling for good enough if we fail to be perfect in what we do?
What’s wrong with accepting mediocrity should we fail to live up to our expectations despite our best efforts?

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