When we surrender

Often, we tend to resign ourselves to fate when it turns out that an activity we try, don’t pan out as desired. Our failure could be attributed to a myriad of different circumstances which results in the outcome in which we may or may not have direct control of. And when these undesirable outcomes happen too many a time, we console ourselves by instilling the belief that we are simply not cut out for it.

In other words, we attribute our weaknesses to something that is not within our control. We label ourselves as the victims of the circumstances presented to us. We blame everything but ourselves, just so that we are able to sleep better at night, just so that we do not have to shoulder the onerous task of self-improvement. We define our capability in the activity as an inherent flaw with ourselves that could never be rectified as much as we tried, just so that we never have to go through such a demeaning experience which clearly places our ego at stake again. Surely, no one would place themselves in circumstances where they are miserable to say the least.

Yet on the other hand, if we don’t challenge ourselves, how are we going to improve and learn? How are we able to hold ourselves accountable if the core principles of our life is self-improvement? Should we not take charge of our perceived weaknesses, and stop playing victim and really, really try to pull through whatever obstacle along the way that is impeding our journey to self-improvement?

By the same token, have we given ourselves enough concession to fail? Have we adjusted our expectations and not use others as the barometer for progression? Because comparison between others and ourselves is essentially moot as we all learn at a different pace. The pace of progression for each and every activity could vary depending on our own intrinsical motivation and prior similar experiences.

That said, let’s try adopting a growth mentality and stop being averse to failures. Our growth will be stifled if we are not consciously taking on the challenges which come with every activity.

Always remember that failures are inherently part of life, and how we react to them are what makes us who are today. As long as we learn from these experiences and overcome the obstacles we along the way, it doesn’t matter how many times we have failed, as long as we try.

Never give up.

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