Why I refuse to spoonfeed

I have a strong disdain for people who have a poor attitude when it comes to learning new things or people who are resistant to change; often adapting the rudimentary mentality that the current things on hand are what they have been doing since the beginning of time, hence why reinvent the wheel? It’s as though they are completely adverse to learning new concepts and anything that challenges the way they have been doing things is an entire paradigm shift for them altogether.

People had always approached me seeking for solutions to their problems, expecting me to resolve their issues for them while they simply look on without any semblance of effort. While most of the time I am able to provide answers to their problems, what grind my gears is when the things that they require help with, could easily be resolved by having the mental fortitude to learn. Often, my knowledge starts and ends with what they know, however, because I am ready to learn and willing to persevere through the hardships involved, I find myself being able to find the resolution to the problems which perpetuates them. I would say that it’s not a matter of being good at something but rather, it’s a matter of how badly you want something.

Hence, I have little to no empathy for people who refuses to help themselves, expecting others to help them instead; wanting to be spoonfed like what others have been doing for them for their entire lives. It’s not just mere contempt but disappointment because I feel that so much potential has been squandered due to their lack of motivation and the attitude which they adopt when it comes to self-betterment, is simply deleterious.

Give a man to fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

I refuse to spoonfeed people because I do not believe that one will be able to grow holistically if they are cruising through life without any form of adversity in place.

My approach to helping people is very simple; as opposed to being out front with my answers, I choose to guide people along and provide them with another perspective on how they see things and how they go about finding their own solutions instead. I’ll not say things outright because I believe that what comes easily will have no value and what is painstakingly achieved has absolutely more value than one that is not.

Only through the perils of attaining something will we realise the true value of things.